Play as a benevolent AI in charge of an ever-growing Mars colony. Your objective function: minimize colonist deaths by any means necessary!

Update 2 - 6/6: Saving games finally implemented! Feel free to take a break and continue later! Patch notes here:

Update 1 - 5/25: Enjoy plenty of QoL changes including tooltips, building multi-select, and freeplay mode! Patch notes here:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(112 total ratings)
Authorssirknightj, Froast, vishaldev
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Casual, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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I did it :D, just took me 2 tries, one to understand the game and this one

did not kill anybody but got damn close. second attempt :)

awesome game, fun optimization puzzle. 

here's my first try at getting prime intellect. interesting to see how other people play the game!


took up the challenge to see if i can qualify as prime intellect. could have finished earlier, but the desire for artistic expression eventually pushed it to the limit.

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Awesome game.  Here's my fastest win so far with no deaths:

is there a github repo for this?
just curious because i want to see the source code if so

nvm i found it

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I made an account just to try to contact Sirknightj personally to thank him for making this magnificent waste of time.

I can't stress enough how much time I've spent playing this little masterpiece ever since I found out about it 2 weeks ago while in school.

I've just reached maximum efficiency on my main save. Never been more proud of myself.

Thank you, Sirknightj. You're a legend.

Also, little tip:

Since the output increases by 20% from each consecutive energy panel, you can max out the output by using 1x1 tiles to surround the 4x1 ones since they do quadruple the bonus, making the output go from 80 to 240 energy per geothermal generator. :)


Hey KorifeNTV! Thanks for the kind words, we're really glad you enjoyed CEV-1! 

We created CEV-1 for a school project, so it's funny that you've spent time in school with it too :)

Nice to see that you've discovered the energy stacking, that was an intended feature.

My first win lol. Score not great but also not awful.

This is an incredible game, very unique concept; only suggestion would be to have more bonusses for adjacent pieces. :)

pretty good, although I am bad at it



this game is fun:Đ

This was a great game! haven't played something so fun in a while. I like the style and the mechanics. It was a hard trying to think through about every decision to make sure that it would cause chaos, I had to retry so many times. At the end I did it!

overall, awesome game!

Very fun game; basically legos except the legos know that I can feel pain.

My biggest complaint with this game is that rearranging things sucks; It'd be better if there was a way to "archive" buildings to take them out of the picture and let you freely put them back so you can easily rearrange stuff (you can't advance to the next month while a building is archived, of course.)

Also, I've noticed that multiple people (myself included) seem to have a significantly harder time with future playthroughs compared to the first one. Are we all just imagining it, or is that an actual mechanic? If it really is in the game, I highly recommend removing it and simply being able to select a difficulty level instead. It's very confusing and frustrating.

Thanks for the feedback!

We discovered a bug where the freeplay difficulty wasn't being properly reset upon restarting, that should be fixed now.

I GOT 666 WATERS?????????????


i keep having this weird bug where sometimes my buildings become unresponsive and i cannot move them. they just have a phantom outline of where they used to be, and the building never 'snaps' to anything else. they just reappear where they were before no matter where i move them unless i destroy them- leading me to accidentally softlock myself after i destroyed my only mine when this happened, lol. aside from that, this game is excellent and I love it to bits!


i did not expect this game was this good!

i would pay for this!

(also, i played the whole game thinking i can't sell buildings...)


great design 

i swear my second playthough has about the same  population in the first 5 months as i did end game whats with the sudden growth

Very Fun!

wish i could mass sell cause half my area is wind

The combo Geothermal + Wind Turbine + Solar Wire is a bit too OP, it's like infinite energy.

Tried without caring for deaths

good one. looks like frvr's from facebook but have an end. i like sci-fi btw


I would like to see Adjacency bonuses be a thing from the very start, and be based on how many sides are touching. Maybe a 1-4% production bump per building that is touching the other building. When I realized it doesn't matter if they touch at all, I was pretty disappointed. I feel like not encouraging tight placement from the very beginning is basically taking that "tetromino" shape and wasting its potential, but meh, it was still pretty fun for a while. I still don't feel super compelled to finish as I don't feel like I am doing much other than placing the pieces in the correct order to get the stats to go up. If there was some way to demonstrate mastery through placement mattering (especially during the super long tutorial) I would keep playing.


is possible!

How is 0 deaths achieved?


make sure every month you have no negatives, or if so make sure you have the surplus.  makes the game slower but zero deaths

Deleted 110 days ago

This game is great! Here's the best I could do... damn three deaths.

I can't imagine how 80 is possible... and I can't dedicate any more of this day to finding out. A leaderboard and timer would be a great addition!


hive cityHive city lol

Super fun game! Feel like I did great for a first run, and curious how to get 80 months. Last 15 months or so was me waiting on research, so that's probably how I could do better. 10/10, would recommend! 


its so good i feel overpowered because of this 1 photo

I didn't think Allied Mastercomputer was possible... i think you tried to get there???

Yeah, it needs some dedication. Makes you think about unmentioned objectives of AIs. A bit like ChatGPT saying "A yes, sorry now that you mention it, of course it is like that"



Managed to beat the game with zero casualties but got the worst rating of Hal 9000 (highly notorious homicidal AI) for taking way too long


Great game! The freeplay mode is really fun and makes space and planning more valuable. I wish there was a sandbox mode where you could fully optimize everything without worrying about colonist deaths.

i beat the game

i might need more water

i might need more water generators but i dont have space should i remove my farms (i dont need food or oxygen) or do i not get more water generators


Same vibes

btw you should buy upgrades to unlock better food- and water-generating buildings. The Filtration upgrade unlocks the Water Recycler, which has higher water production per grid space

ok but what should i replace for more food

spend less (space) on wells

amazing idea why didn't i think of that

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are there more colonists at the start? I’ve beaten this game ~10 times (its very fun!), but today I can’t get past month ~15 without colonists dying – I can’t get enough metal to buy a second oxygenerator. maybe I’m just not thinking and doing something dumb, or maybe the recent update changed something? this spike of +13 colonists seems suspiciously high

that leads to this:

yeah, i've been having this issue too. my first run went super smoothly but my second run had way too many colonists and now i cant make any progress. idk what happened


it seems based on your amount of stockpiled resources – I was able to eventually get past it by keeping my water and food reserves low

Finally figured out a good way to optimize the basic mines!

Just to ditch them later, the other ones are so much more efficient and less awkward to place. I think it would actually be funnier that some other pieces were difficult to place, but it's all very balanced, I love that there is consistency between the different types of buildings, oxigen are Zs, water Cs, farms 6s . Great game!!

I can tell this could be a great game.  However, there are just too many bug when I run it.

As the picture show below, 

1. I should have 5 well, but one of them just dispear when I place it next to the city center.

2. The well on the left top always locked at the selected stage. Makes it non-interactable.

3. No matter how I move, rotate, or flip the mine, it go back to where I initialize it.

How do you guys get the < 80 months ranking without deaths??? I've played so many times and my best is 91 but I know that others have somehow gotten <80

just dont let the colonists die its that simple


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