CEV-1 Update 1.1

Hi everyone! Thanks for playing our game and leaving your feedback. We're always looking for ways to improve our game and your comments were super useful. Here are the patch notes of our first update! We've made huge updates to all areas of the game.

Core Gameplay:

  • Rework the tutorial (first ~13 months). Shortened text and removed a lot of the forced building purchases.
  • Let players continue playing after winning 
  • Let you see your colony after you win or lose
  • Add restart button so you no longer have to refresh the page to play again when you win or lose
  • Add building multi-grab!
  • Make the Astrobiology upgrade useful (originally it was supposed to be an upgrade that just "locked" other upgrades out)
  • Change how the Solar Wires upgrade works (stackable)
  • Performance upgrade (hopefully)

Screenshot of midgame, featuring building multiselect and a new resource visualization

Win screen

You can now continue playing after winning! Depending on your performance, you get a specific ranking; the god-like Prime Intellect, the "benevolent" Celest-AI, the military WOPR, the malfunctioning HAL 9000, or the merciless AM. It is possible to achieve Prime Intellect; just really hard.

New win screen, taking up only the sidebar instead of the whole screen


  • Rework the resource visualization graph to hopefully be less confusing
    • With 2-stage animations!
  • Change the tooltips for the resource visualization graph
  • Add tooltip for explaining the numbers displayed on the graph: reserve, production minus consumption, next month's reserve
  • Add tooltip for why buildings are unable to be purchased in the sidebar
  • Add tooltip to show resource generation for buildings on the grid
    • Also show upgrades affecting buildings on the grid
  • Add visual controls when dragging buildings so you don't have to memorize the R and T keys
  • Add visual indicator when demolishing buildings to tell you whether or not you'll get a refund
  • Add visual indicator when hovering over an immovable building (mainly city center)
  • Unselect upgrade automatically when it's been bought
  • Unselect upgrade automatically when clicking the "Back" button
  • Unselect current upgrade when clicking on an upgrade unable to be purchased

Building sidebar, with tooltip showing resources still needed to buy a building

Game Balance

We're also still working on the game balance. For the moment, we've buffed a lot of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 buildings, improved energy generation, and nerfed the Observatory. Hope you all enjoy the second iteration of CEV-1! Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Starting screen

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