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I like how at a few points new technologies let you totally redesign your board. I ended up with mine mostly empty and even spent a few rounds just tweaking aesthetics. The final board size upgrade seems largely unnecessary unless there are going to be even bigger buildings in the future.

Overall I wish there were more building interactions. Solar panels get better when they touch at least one other solar panel, and farms grow more when they touch a water source. I think you could break the water synergy down into tech unlocks for each water source or farm type, and that could make the tree a little smoother, especially towards the late game when you can unlock a 400 science node every turn or two, with only two observatories. Having synergies for windmills could make them worth building, I built four. You could even have synergies that reduce costs instead of increase products, like putting windmills next to oxygen buildings reduces power consumption, or something.

For a hard mode, you could have building conflicts, like putting a mine next to a water source is bad somehow or contiguous water sources are less effective “because the water table is getting depleted” or something.

I did have a performance issue just before I unlocked the geothermal power, where I had so many solar blocks that picking up, and more so placing every building would take upwards of a second, and if I tried to pick up another building too fast, it would grab the last building again even though the cursor was far away. This went away when I was able to reduce my building count.

Easily 10/10


Really? I got like 3 400 science nodes per turn!

Anyone here manage to win with 0 deaths? Because I did

My 2nd attempt win is 0 death in 77 months


How am I supposed to buy farms, if the button stops lighting up?

Wait until next month when you have more metal.  The button stops lighting up when you can't afford it.

really like the game ! it's really really cool and enjoyable

the only problem i see in the game is that once you buy the Observatory the game became really really straight forward maybe adding more tree upgrade/more block if you plan to improve/continue the dev !


Hi there! This was quite fun. I finished in under 100 turns, and developed every technology (but didn't use most of the advanced buildings). Btw, since the "buy" button is grey is kinda looks like something you wouldn't be able to click on.

It took me much longer--167 months--but I think that might be because you were right to not use the advanced buildings.  I kept trying to buy them, but they seem to cost more in resources used than they really provide, and I ended up having to destroy them again and rebuild them much later.  (A level-two farm produces something like twice as much food as a first-level farm, but uses up way more than twice as much water, plus it uses energy, IIRC.)  Still, all in all it was fun.


This was fun but at some point the game becomes extremely easy to win.

well, then the fun becomes designing the city. But yeah, I think this game could use some more story, natural catastrophes etc

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